We help clients break through the complexity of the diverse needs and business systems of management, defining how they can operate better and refine their business organisation.

We give you the flexibility to resource your projects without maintaining an expensive full-time staff of skilled and experienced project managers.

We deliver our services through an on-demand model which scales to match your business requirements. We can minimise your risk profile and provide day-to-day support and training.

From inception to service, our Management consulting model is underpinned by our specialist methodology and tools.


Change Management

When your vision, outcomes, and technology have been established – we’re able to support with change management to make change stick.

Architecture and Technology

When you need a framework for change that addresses the relationship between your business architecture, technology and people, we ensure that your experience works well.

Delivery Management

Whether you are at the beginning or part-way through your project or programme, we can take the lead on delivery management, engaging with all internal stakeholders and external partners.

Analysis, Innovation and Design

At the outset – or if you need to rethink plans – we analyse, innovate, and design how your experience should work, end-to-end.
  • Africool House,
    Plot 109, Ntinda Road

    Opposite Capital Shoppers, Ntinda
    Kampala, Uganda.

  • +256777481572
IBM acts as corporate agents in representing units of national and international registered corporate companies to the international authority boards for the purposes of promoting international business standards in Uganda, East Africa and even beyond.

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